Because this CNY goodie is Mr Loh’s favorite, I attempted to make this many years ago but failed terribly. Thanks to the Facebook group I joined, someone tried out this recipe and commented that it was really good and has that ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ texture, which is an important aspect to the success of this cookie.
So thanks to fatboo numerous experiments on his recipe, I successfully produced an extremely fragrant and melt-in-your-mouth kueh bangkit that MIL also approved (she hardly approves anything)!
Even though everyone thinks its difficult to make, I think it’s actually fair simple to make, just that its a little time-consuming – you need to fry the flour, wait for it to cool down etc. And handling the dough was a little tough because it’s wet, but the end results was very satisfying! This is definitely a recipe to keep and bake again for the next CNY!
See the crumbly texture up close! It crunchy on the outside and melts in your mouth when you pop it in!
Kueh Bangkit
(This recipe says it yield 200 – 300 bangkit, but because I cut out a thicker bangkit, I only managed to yield about 200 bangkit)
800g Sago flour
12 Pandan leaves
240g Coconut cream (Ayam Brand Pure/Premium Coconut Cream)
200g Icing sugar
3 Egg yolks


In this recipe, you need to fry more of the Sago Flour because some will be used for flouring the pastry board & bangkit cutter. Prepare at least one day in advance as the flour needs to cool down completely before you can use them.
On initial frying, the flour will be lumpy & hard to stir. After 10 mins of frying it becomes a little lighter. Towards last part of frying, the flour will become dry & flies up when stirred, which indicates that it is ready
1. Wash Pandan Leaves and wipe with paper towels till very dry, then cut into 2” lengths.
2. 800g Sago flour: In a big wok, dry fry over low heat for 10mins, stirring all the time with a slotted spatula
3. Add cut pandan leaves & continue to fry for about 10mins till flour is light & the leaves are dried & crinkled
4. Spread the Fried Sago Flour in wok & leave to cool completely (preferably overnight)
5. Sift it & then store
6. Hand whisk coconut cream and 100g of icing sugar till sugar is dissolved and mixture is semi-greyish thick sugary solution.
7. Whish egg yolks and remaining icing sugar till creamy white and sugar dissolved.
8. Lower speed and add in coconut sugar solution, whisk till well mixed.
9. Add in 560g sago flour and mixed till well combined. (Pastry will be very sticky and quite hard to handle but it’s ok).
10. Cover with a piece of wet cloth to prevent pastry from drying out and then leave the dough aside.
11. Set aside remaining sago flour to dust the work top and to flour the kueh bangkit cutter. Line pastry board with a piece of cling wrap.
12. Use a cake scraper to cut out a small portion of the Sticky Pastry, sprinkle a little Fried Sago Flour over & knead in, adding the Flour in tiny amounts till pastry is smooth, soft & pliable.
13. Flour worktop & place pastry on it. Cover pastry with another piece of cling wrap & using a roller, roll dough out to 3mm thickness.
14. Use floured bangkit cutter to cut by pressing into pastry.
15. Place cut-out bangkit on trays lined with baking paper, spacing them slightly apart as they will spread slightly during baking.
16. Pinch desired designs on the bangkit (optional step).
17. Mix the remaining rolled out scraps of pastry with another small portion of the sticky pastry, knead them together & if still sticky, then knead in a little more of the fried Sago Flour. Repeat the rolling, cutting & pinching process.
18. Bake in pre-heated oven at 160ºC for 10mins to set the design.

Then reduce temperature to 130ºC & continue to bake for a further 20mins or till Bangkit is very light beige in colour.


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